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Forever Alone Origins

Lots of years have passed... I am still here... forever kept away... deep within the earth... forever.... alone.
This is the real story/origin of forever alone.
The end

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Zora Chapter1(v1)

It is said that there are lines of power, running beneath the earth. Some believe that this saying is a myth, a paradox, a superstition, etc. There are even stories and cult books about these Phenomenon. 
I for one, am no difference, all of my believes are based on theories and such. Thus, I did not believe that such things were true. I believed that what those superstitious people thought were lines of power, I deduced them to be the magnetic field of the earth.
  At first, one would think that the thing that sat on my swing was human... But It wasn’t. It sat on my swing, that thing, sat on its hind legs. It was so light, that the occasional breeze would swing the swing. Then it turned around, I saw the brilliance of its dainty face then, I fell unconscious. For what felt like an eternity I felt as if I was falling through...
Chapter 1
  “Augh, my head.” I sat up just to hit my head another time. “Ow. What the hell?” I said, staring up at the surface I had hit. What can this be? I thought, running my fingers along the glowing blue surface. “Hmm...” I took out a coin from my pocket, just to see it fly out of my hands and levitate in the middle of the room. “Magnetic Force?” I stared as the coin spun in the air, an endless loop. “Could this be, the Power Lines?” I stared at the blue surface. I searched this new-found surface just to come to a dead end. After searching for a long while, I finally found a shard of this new material, which I called M.F.u.O(M-Fu-O) which is short form for “Magnetic Flow unObtanium”. “Hmm... Oh yes, what is that light?” I crawled cautiously towards the light, squinting, as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. Ah! A opening, time to get out from this...Ugh” I couldn’t push my way out from my “cage”. After trying for quite a long time, I managed to push himself just a few centimeters out of the cage. “What’s the use, even if I have found this new material, I can’t share it with anyone.” I took a hard swing at the nearest wall and was greeted with a gush of red liquid. “Shit-” i said as I suddenly noticed a nearby rat with crystal shards on its back, run through the exit. “Hm...” I took a shard-flint and gripped it tightly in my hand as I crawled towards the exit. “Yes!” I screamed with delight as my arm went through the opening, I could see a blue mist being emitted as the shield was temporarily repelled.


Life. Faith.

Life is not always what it seems. I have always taken it for granted. I have always treated it like a minor event, ignoring things that might risk ending it.
Life is a choice. At any and every action you do in life, it is a choice. Just like a speedy cheetah, choosing over its prey - the biggest, yet the faster of the herd, or the smallest, yet the slower; Just like an elegant swan, choosing over its mate, seeking over the most beautiful, the most gentle of all swans. Just like a typical human, having difficulties in his life. A mental battle between good and evil. And just like any other person, I, too was given a choice. I, too was given a chance. I, too was given an opportunity to correct my wrong-doings. Yet, I chose the path toward darkness. Spiraling downward towards death. It was I, who caused misery to all; to the people who I love…
Junk of a useless is what I am now. I am a boy, who is having breathing difficulty. I am a boy, who of a tender age of twelve, have gotten lung cancer. Now, it is time, that I should give up…I shall end my life with this pen knife… ‘Heck, Gregory, what do you think you are doing? You are not going to leave me that easily! You are my only family, come back!’ the voice of Jason sounded in my head. ‘You can’t die…please…take on this treatment, Gregory…please…’ came another. Stretching out my hand towards the knife, I hesitated a fraction of a degree. I shifted my trembling hands, willing them to cover my face. Anguish tears streamed down my beady eyes, glinting under the gentle light shone from the florescent lamp above. The heat trapped from the outside was causing my skin to tingle. Leaning against my misshapen pillow, I shook my head in grieve. Why had I done that? Maybe it was due to depression. Maybe it was due to guilt. Maybe…just maybe, it was due to the imperfection of my past…how was I ever going to continue to resist this pain? Oh, dearly do I regret my stupid act - smoking...
The door knob turned, and Jason stepped in.
‘Gregory, how are you feeling?’ Jason asked in a small voice, as he sat on the bed.
I simply nodded, sat upright, relying on the pillow for support .
‘You can’t avoid this. You’ll have to go through this, brother, if not, you’ll suffer even more…’
‘Do not mind my business, Jason. This is my problem. Not yours. I would rather end my life.’ Just to prove to him that I would do so, I showed him the pen knife.
Jason patiently, gently took the pen knife away from my hand. ‘ No, brother…please, do not be stubborn…’
‘What’s the point of living now? I failed to be who I am anyway…’
I stared at Jason, startled. Jason had never used that sort of tone on me. My shock was eventually replaced by anger. I clenched my fists, and in reply, I shouted...
‘Arrrghhhh! GET LOST!’ I shouted, shoving him of the bed, and dragged him out the room.
I slammed the door shut. My face was wet…my knees buckled. I winced. I crouched down, as I brought my knees to my head, enabling myself to rest on them…my heart was aching…from all the pain I have brought; from my crying…but it hurt even more, upon thinking about Jason… ‘Jason must be hurt…I can’t afford to hurt any more people…I can’t…’ I thought.
Few hours later, I dragged myself out the house. I was determined to kill myself in silence…I was determined not to let Jason know about my doing…I could not afford to hurt him anymore. No more...
It was not long, before I reached the main junction. I took a deep breath, as I stepped onto the road. Ahead of me, were cars zooming off at extreme speed. One look at the road, and I knew that I did not have to reach the centre of the road before I even pass…
One step…
Two steps…
Three steps…
Cars were blasting horns at me. Drivers complaining about me blocking the road. But I did not care. I had caused Jason misery…
Out of a sudden, a car brushed passed me, pushing me further out onto the road. I raised my head, only to realize a car zooming towards me.
‘Gregory!’ It was Jason. At the side of my eye, I caught a flash of him dashing towards me. I felt a hard shove on my back, and the next thing I knew, I lay sprawled onto the ground at the other end of the road, bruised. Some passer-bys helped me up. Still in a daze, I spotted Jason, lying motionless on the road, with a pool of blood surrounding him… Only then, did I realize, that he sacrificed himself to save me.
‘Jason!’ I shouted. A second passed… No response.
‘Jason!’ I called again. Again, no response.
‘Hurry up, call the ambulance!’ I cried.
‘Jason…oh, Jason..I am sorry…I should have listened to you…this wouldn’t have happened…’ I mumbled to myself.
Life is not always what it seems. I have always taken it for granted. I have always treated it like a minor event, ignoring things that might risk ending it…
I am now, in the hospital, beside my brother’s bed. He was the only person I had left in my family…I had been selfish. If I were the one to have left him, will he not be left alone?
‘Jason…I’m sorry…Jason…please wake up…’ I murmured, partly to Jason, partly to myself.
A day passed…two days…and yet, he still has not stirred.
I recalled his final wish… ‘You can’t avoid this. You’ll have to go through this, brother, if not, you’ll suffer…’ I closed my hand around his. Gently, I said…
‘I will take treatment, brother, and I won’t let you down…’
Perhaps it was my imagination, however, I noticed a smile, playing on his lips. I got up, and headed for the exit; to seek for an appointment with the doctor, for a treatment…
Five years have passed since the incident. I have finally found new-found freedom within me. I am not going to be that stupid to ever smoke again…I am not going to risking hurting anyone…no one, and no more…
Life is a choice. At any and every action you do in life, is a choice. A choice, now given to me – to value and to quit my bad deeds, or to take on smoking, and once again allow the bad things to reply themselves again. I, Gregory, have learnt my lesson the hard way. I, Gregory, shall, and am determined to value and treasure life. I, Gregory, shall heed my brother, Jason’s advise. No matter what hardship I face, I shall, and ought to solve them.

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SouBlade(Aviant) by Joshua Leong (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2:
 On the elemental city of Iye-ron(Mid-Night)
  “Whahahaha...” The extremely-loud echo of laughter coming from a rundown tavern in the eastern side of the city woke up all the residents within a 1kilometer radius. “Sigh... Another drunkard, irritating bastards...” Levian cursed softly at his open window. The night was cool with the northern breeze, flowing through the city. All of a sudden, the silent night was broken by piercing scream but Levian wasn’t surprised at all since the city was plagued by one murder on the first of each year. “Sigh, tomorrows another-” Before Levian could finish the sentence, a dozen or so, screams filled the air, followed by a bright light filled the atmosphere and Levian had to squint his green eyes as they adjusted to this new stranger. Once he had adjusted to the light, he stared at the chaos surrounding him. The unbearable smell of burning wood filled the air, causing Levian’s eyes to water but he could see the burning houses and what looked like the red crest of the royal army of Keirian. “Impossible! This is..... not.... *Cough* real...” Then he fainted from the overdose of smoke that filled his lungs.
  He awoke, only to find himself and a few other citizens in a carriage which he suspected to be where the Keirians kept their prisoners which the had captured after a war with another country. “Weird...” He said as he glanced down to see his silver-plated, gold sword by his side and still in its sheath. Being the son of a famous sword-smith, he realised, in a flash, that all the other prisoners also had swords that were custom-made to fit them regardless of their and sizes. Since he was still dizzy and the prison was dimly lit, he stumbled across the tiny prison and crashed onto the floor next to the closest prisoner. Regaining his composure, he looked up at the prisoner whom he had fallen beside. “Who are you? What are you? Where are we? What are we-” A firm hand closed over his mouth and pulled him backwards, making him practically stumbling head-over-heels and onto the floor, on his back. He squinted at this new challenger and could make out the squarish face and short, trimmed hair. “Do you want to die? Are you crazy?” His challenger said, straining his voice so that the previous prisoner could not hear him, or so he thought. “What the HELL? Was That for?” Levian screamed angrily. “Listen! That person,” He pointed to the prisoner in the corner, who was clutching his arm and groaning in pain, “Do you see those injuries? Those are made, by, HER!” He whispered loudly and pulled Levian to his feet. “Thanks.” Levian thanked his challenger-turned-savior. In reply, his savior nodded and said, “My name is Leo, the third son of... Hey, aren’t you... Levian.” “Heh, took you some time to recognise me, old friend.” Levian said with a smirk on his face then, he hugged Leo tightly. “So, why are we here?” Levian asked Leo as he gazed around the room until his eyes met the girl whom Leo had accused of attempting to hurt his friends. “Dude, I don’t know.” Leo replied informally while he attended to his injured friend’s wound.   
  “Stay here.” He casually waved his hand at Leo and walked towards the girl, whom Leo had nicknamed “Dangerous Demoness, or DD.” “Dude! Are you cra-” Leo’s eyes widened when he realised what Levian was about to do. “Stay. Whatever will happen to me, I shall accept.” Levian took a deep breath and walked in the direction of DD. Upon hearing the approaching footsteps, DD looked up and her gaze met Levian’s. At that moment, Levian saw into those eyes and felt a pang of pity for DD. A alarm in a distance blared, which was followed by a boom, which rocked the whole carriage, causing Levian to stumble and fall, face down, right onto DD’s lap. 
  Levian thought, “Shit, Im going to die.” then, he saw the girl blush for a moment before she pushed him off her lap, gently, but at the same time, firmly. He saw, under the frilly bandana like-band which she wore over her head, he saw a pale face, almost like a doll’s, with small blue eyes and a small, red mouth. “Move.” She mouthed the words and Levian instantly obeyed, moving to a distance that he could still observe her from but enough to give her some personal space. Once Levian was off her lap, she regained her composure and stared out of the window with her cheeks a little red, like a sakura flower, found in Olden Japan. Then Levian found himself being stared at by Leo and the rest of the occupants in the prison. “What?” Levian stared back. Just then, the metal door of the prison flung open and a man dressed in black overalls barged in. “Levian, Victorique, Leo, Aquile! Come with me, Now!” 
  Levian and the other children had no other choice so, they obeyed and followed the man through the ship which held them as prisoners and soon found themselves in a large dining hall filled with people who looked like nobles, duchess and a lot of people who seemed to be of high ranks. “Presenting... The children of Iye-ron!” A mega-phone called from somewhere within the crowd. and Levian, Leo and the rest were made to go up onto the stage. “Now, how much would one pay for them body parts?”
 “What in the world?” Levian thought and squinted his eyes to take a good look at the people that filled the room. “I should have known...” Levian stared at each occupant slowly. “I am Victorique,” Levian turned his head and saw DD standing beside him. “You are right Levian, I agree with you. This are not humans neither are they nobles. This are Ghost Fiends.”
“How right you are, little girl,” The four children spun around and came face to face with the skeleton man. “Yes, we are, The GhostFiends.”


SouBlade(Aviant) by Joshua Leong (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1:
    Long ago, within the heart of the known world, known as Eve, lay 3 ancient societies. The first and most important society, was the Navulk they were the human-like society, wielding ancient and forgotten powers. They were believed to have been born from the Void. Ruthless, they may seem, with the deep scars enveloping their entire bodies, but within them lay a kind heart. They were the guardians of the Eve and since the world was not developed back then, the Void could not be controlled and evil creatures, called Soulisks, would spew out of its black hole to terrorize the citizens of Eve. This is how the Navulk’s got their scars, they were “obtained” when they fought against the Soulisks. 
   The next society plays a much more political role in keeping the order in Eve, they are the Haisilisk’s. They are elemental-like creatures, which vary, the most powerful type of the elementals is the Nova also known as Void elementals, they are believed to be part of the Void itself, as the Black Hole in their hands resembles a smaller version of the Void and it is also credited to their supernaturally-vast amount of knowledge which allows them to create objects out of thin air. There are other elementals but the Nova’s reign supreme. Since they, the elementals, have extensive knowledge that surpasses all other beings, they are put in charge of ruling Eve.
   Last but not least is the Aviant Society, this society are full of commoners, low ranking officials and farmers. They may seem to be useless but because they are capable of farming, which is crucial they are also important. Now it may seem funny as why only they are capable of farming and other types of “low-ranking” jobs when the previous two societies can easily do these jobs themselves. The reason is that the Haisilisks and Navulks have a lot of work to do and few have time AND patience to spare to do jobs like farming.
  Now, everything was in order for a long time of 1999 centuries since the dawn of the Void. But everything changed on the first hour of the first day of the first week of the first month of the first year of the 2000th century (Practically the first of everything). All hell PRACTICALLY, broke lose, just because of one Haisilisk's selfish act. The Haisilisk’s name was Ha’Jun da Immortale. Ha’Jun was the son of the great Nova, Ha’Shilithar who was famous for ending the Tormentor’s reign on the fore-lands of Neon. Ha’Jun, was very stressed since the day he was born, his life had been a misery, or so he thought. His father would impose strict rules on him hoping that the rules would help keep him safe, but Ha’Jun was too young to understand his father’s point of view and they would have frequent quarrels. All this quarreling and fighting developed into another stage altogether when, one day, on a trip to the Tavell Falls...
  But that is another story altogether... This story however concerns us to a much more, closer effect. This is a story about a boy and his Aviant. This is.... Soul Blade Aviant Wings.


SouBlade(Aviant) by Player1

1 Prologue
2 Victorque
3 Outcasts
4 Philosopher's Stone
16 Epilogue


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