Monday, 27 June 2011

SouBlade(Aviant) by Joshua Leong (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1:
    Long ago, within the heart of the known world, known as Eve, lay 3 ancient societies. The first and most important society, was the Navulk they were the human-like society, wielding ancient and forgotten powers. They were believed to have been born from the Void. Ruthless, they may seem, with the deep scars enveloping their entire bodies, but within them lay a kind heart. They were the guardians of the Eve and since the world was not developed back then, the Void could not be controlled and evil creatures, called Soulisks, would spew out of its black hole to terrorize the citizens of Eve. This is how the Navulk’s got their scars, they were “obtained” when they fought against the Soulisks. 
   The next society plays a much more political role in keeping the order in Eve, they are the Haisilisk’s. They are elemental-like creatures, which vary, the most powerful type of the elementals is the Nova also known as Void elementals, they are believed to be part of the Void itself, as the Black Hole in their hands resembles a smaller version of the Void and it is also credited to their supernaturally-vast amount of knowledge which allows them to create objects out of thin air. There are other elementals but the Nova’s reign supreme. Since they, the elementals, have extensive knowledge that surpasses all other beings, they are put in charge of ruling Eve.
   Last but not least is the Aviant Society, this society are full of commoners, low ranking officials and farmers. They may seem to be useless but because they are capable of farming, which is crucial they are also important. Now it may seem funny as why only they are capable of farming and other types of “low-ranking” jobs when the previous two societies can easily do these jobs themselves. The reason is that the Haisilisks and Navulks have a lot of work to do and few have time AND patience to spare to do jobs like farming.
  Now, everything was in order for a long time of 1999 centuries since the dawn of the Void. But everything changed on the first hour of the first day of the first week of the first month of the first year of the 2000th century (Practically the first of everything). All hell PRACTICALLY, broke lose, just because of one Haisilisk's selfish act. The Haisilisk’s name was Ha’Jun da Immortale. Ha’Jun was the son of the great Nova, Ha’Shilithar who was famous for ending the Tormentor’s reign on the fore-lands of Neon. Ha’Jun, was very stressed since the day he was born, his life had been a misery, or so he thought. His father would impose strict rules on him hoping that the rules would help keep him safe, but Ha’Jun was too young to understand his father’s point of view and they would have frequent quarrels. All this quarreling and fighting developed into another stage altogether when, one day, on a trip to the Tavell Falls...
  But that is another story altogether... This story however concerns us to a much more, closer effect. This is a story about a boy and his Aviant. This is.... Soul Blade Aviant Wings.



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