Thursday, 21 July 2011

Zora Chapter1(v1)

It is said that there are lines of power, running beneath the earth. Some believe that this saying is a myth, a paradox, a superstition, etc. There are even stories and cult books about these Phenomenon. 
I for one, am no difference, all of my believes are based on theories and such. Thus, I did not believe that such things were true. I believed that what those superstitious people thought were lines of power, I deduced them to be the magnetic field of the earth.
  At first, one would think that the thing that sat on my swing was human... But It wasn’t. It sat on my swing, that thing, sat on its hind legs. It was so light, that the occasional breeze would swing the swing. Then it turned around, I saw the brilliance of its dainty face then, I fell unconscious. For what felt like an eternity I felt as if I was falling through...
Chapter 1
  “Augh, my head.” I sat up just to hit my head another time. “Ow. What the hell?” I said, staring up at the surface I had hit. What can this be? I thought, running my fingers along the glowing blue surface. “Hmm...” I took out a coin from my pocket, just to see it fly out of my hands and levitate in the middle of the room. “Magnetic Force?” I stared as the coin spun in the air, an endless loop. “Could this be, the Power Lines?” I stared at the blue surface. I searched this new-found surface just to come to a dead end. After searching for a long while, I finally found a shard of this new material, which I called M.F.u.O(M-Fu-O) which is short form for “Magnetic Flow unObtanium”. “Hmm... Oh yes, what is that light?” I crawled cautiously towards the light, squinting, as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. Ah! A opening, time to get out from this...Ugh” I couldn’t push my way out from my “cage”. After trying for quite a long time, I managed to push himself just a few centimeters out of the cage. “What’s the use, even if I have found this new material, I can’t share it with anyone.” I took a hard swing at the nearest wall and was greeted with a gush of red liquid. “Shit-” i said as I suddenly noticed a nearby rat with crystal shards on its back, run through the exit. “Hm...” I took a shard-flint and gripped it tightly in my hand as I crawled towards the exit. “Yes!” I screamed with delight as my arm went through the opening, I could see a blue mist being emitted as the shield was temporarily repelled.



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